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October 19th New 1 Radio Recap

J1Japan | November 3, 2018

Written by Dan Pape:  Dan Pape

Last week Joey Slick and I did as we always do every Friday from 8-9 PM. New 1 Radio happened, again, and these are some of the topics we discussed. For the sake of speed, I’m going to simply post the links.

I hope my different way of looking at things has you considering positive changes in your life as well. After all, we can always improve, nuff said and no pressure.

Also, here’s one of my favourite playlists , there’s so many ~!


Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 11.45.36 AM.png


Click Here

The amount of content uploaded to YouTube every second is staggering. Simply thinking about it makes my brain hurt a little. Just a little though, don’t worry. On this radio show (October 19th) I recommend Impact Theory. Tom Bilyeu is the man. His guest interviews are simply the best. For the most part I’m 100% inline with the people his talks to. Perhaps that’s why I like it. That, and I learn a ton of new things that opens up my openmindedness. I love that.


Click Here

People that follow me or friends that love me know I love my tools. I’m not talking about hammers and utility knives, I’m talking about cool gear that’s super innovative. Zungle sent me 2 pairs of their Vipers (pictured below). When I’m rocking these shades I’m blessed the option to answer phone calls, talk to siri and listen to web radio. I’m am planning on doing a full review now that my editing suite is up and running again. For now, please check out the impromptu version linked above.


Click Here

I won’t get too “preachy” with this one. But! I do feel we are in somewhat of a crisis with kids and smart phones. I’ll blog about this more someday but for now, take a look at this Adobe Clip. Even better, check out the video my 7 year old son edited!

Well there you have it.

The 3 main areas of discussion from last weeks show. Check back next Thursday to see what we discussed the previous week. We thought it would be much easier for everyone if I simply made the areas we focused on easily clickable. Until the next show, please enjoy.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 12.11.32 PM.png
danpape's Zungle Vipers
j1japancomheaderred pic.png

Written by J1Japan


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    02. Love and Appreciation

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    03. Sometimes
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    04. Sunshine (Oliver Nelson Remix)
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    10. U GOT ME GOOD
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    New 1 Radio – Natasha Watts
    Joey Slick

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